A Northern Ireland flag idea

There has been some discussion across the Irish Sea about a new, neutral, flag for Northern Ireland, so I thought I’d have a go at something.

I’ve based this on the red-hand-on-hexagon idea which I used in a proposed coat of arms, dividing the whole flag into six parts extending from the six points of the hexagon (Northern Ireland consists of six counties, and the hexagon shape is seen in the columns of Giant’s Causeway). Various colour combinations are possible.


This one uses red, white, blue and green. Red, white and blue are the colours of the UK flag. Green is the traditional colour for Ireland; white and green appear in the flag of the Irish Republic; blue is the background colour of the Irish coat of arms, which is used both by the Republic and in the British royal arms. Alternatively, red represents the peoples, blue the sea and lakes, green the island of Ireland.

Other possibilities add orange, for the Unionist community, with green representing the Nationalist community, or splitting the flag between the colours of the national flags of the UK and Ireland – red, white and blue in one half; green, white and orange in the other.

In all these flags, white extends throughout, representing the aspiration for peace.

ni-six-part-flag-orange ni-six-part-flag-diag

Here’s another version, with wider white bands and the diagonal arms not centred on points of the hexagon, which increases the area of the top and bottom sections:

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