British regional flag proposals

permapA couple of posts ago I suggested a flag for the South West region of England, combining the Wessex wyvern and the bezants on black from the arms of Cornwall. Since then I have produced a full set of flags for the British regions. These are based on the official government statistical regions, although it is quite possible that these will not be the basis for a regional government structure, if and when it comes. Starting in the South East, here they are:


Based on the City of London flag and arms, but with a saxon crown in stead of a sword, to indicate London’s status as the UK and English capital. (for those who might not know, the City of London is only a tiny area of (Greater) London, which is why its flag can’t be used to represent the whole capital). The Saxon crown appeared in the former arms of the Greater London Council (1965-86).

02reg-home-countiesSouth East England

For London’s hinterland, I thought a flag similar to that of London would be appropriate, but instead of a single Saxon crown, there are four crowns representing the multiple early kingdoms which occupied this area (e.g. Kent, Sussex, Wessex, Middlesex, Mercia).

South West England

As posted before, this combines the gold wyvern of Wessex with the bezants (gold disks) on black from the arms of Cornwall. Cornwall did eventually become part of Wessex, but since it has its own more distinct identity and is now an officially recognized national group, it seemed sensible to give it recognition, and to produce a flag distinct from the traditional flag of Wessex.

west-mercia1West Midlands

The West Midlands occupies the western area of the ancient Kingdom of Mercia. The attributed flag and coat of arms of Mercia is a gold saltire on blue (which is also the arms of the City of St.Albans). To represent just the western half of the old kingdom, I have added a black border to the saltire, which symbolizes the area’s industry (the West Midlands include Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country).

east-mercia1East Midlands

The flag of Mercia is also the basis for the flag of the East Midlands. Over the yellow saltire is a narrow green one, indicative of the region’s famous Sherwood Forest and “Lincoln green”.

06reg-east-englandEast of England

The East of England region is largely based on the ancient kingdom of East Anglia, but also includes Essex and part of Mercia, so this flag contains a crown for each kingdom. It is essentially the traditional flag of East Anglia (three yellow Saxon crowns on blue), whose colours are also those of Mercia, but the bottom half is red, taken from the arms of Essex.

07reg-yorkshire-humberYorkshire and the Humber

This region consists of the whole county of Yorkshire, whose flag is a white rose on blue, along with the northern part of the traditional county of Lincolnshire, which is represented by the fleur-de-lys and the green background at the bottom (both taken from the flag of Lincolnshire).

09reg-cumbria-palatinesNorth West England 

The North West region consists of the old counties of Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumberland and Westmorland, and the flag is a combination of elements from the coats of arms of each : The wheatsheef from Cheshire, red rose of Lancashire, blue waves from Cumberland and red bars from Westmorland.

This is my least favourite of these flags, but I haven’t yet come up with anything better!

08reg-northumbriaNorth East England

I take no credit for this one! It is the flag traditionally associated with the ancient kingdom of Northumbria, which included the whole of North East England (and more!).

12reg-northern-irelandNorthern Ireland 

Oddly for a constituent nation, Northern Ireland currently has no official flag, although the banner of the former Government of Northern Ireland is used when necessary (e.g. at sports events). However, I’m guessing it is not a favourite among the nationalist community, with its English Cross of St.George and royal crown. I proposed an alternative in an earlier post, but another option is the banner of the arms which I also mentioned elsewhere : the traditional arms of Ulster, but with the white shield replaced by a white hexagon, representing the six counties (as opposed to Ulster’s nine) and also indicative of the famous Giant’s Causeway.

Existing flags

Just for completeness, we need the flags of Scotland and Wales (and England, although isn’t an official region as such):


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2 responses to “British regional flag proposals

  1. The red rose of lancashire is upside down


  2. There’s no right and wrong way. The Lancashire flag has it one way, others have it the other. See the badge of the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment, for example.


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