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A coat of arms for Bath, Maine

bath maine flagbath flag city hallBack in 2013, a Maine resident, Jeremy Hammond, succeeded in having a new city flag adopted by the City Council, after a process of consultation and drafts involving the councillors and others. Unlike so many awful seal-on-bedsheet-with-writing American civic flags, the Bath flag a well-designed, clear, heraldic flag, alluding to the history of the city and reminiscent of arms of the place from which it takes its name – Bath in Somerset, England. The story of the flag’s creation is on Jeremy’s blog.

My first thought on seeing the flag last year (apart from thinking how good it looked) was “there’s a banner crying out for a coat of arms”! So, after having been distracted by other things for several months, I googled Bath and came up with ideas for supporters and a crest to add to the shield, which was taken directly from the flag.

bath maine arms

For supporters I took two birds which frequent the Kenebec River, on which Bath stands – an osprey and a bald eagle – but gave them collars with anchors hanging from them as an additional reference to the shipbuilding industry for which Bath is renowned. The crest is the City Hall, one of a number of the city’s attractive buildings, and the motto (“The Union”) is lifted from the City seal.

The existing city seal is typical of the genre – an uninspiring fussy scene within a circle – so I decided to make a couple of seals out of the coat of arms too, one with the entire achievement and a simpler one with only the shield and motto.

I don’t know that the dignitaries or people of Bath would have any interest in a coat of arms, but I enjoyed having a go at it!

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