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Dumnonia : an English region and ancient kingdom

Carrying on the theme of English regions, if it were to be divided into smaller areas than the current official regions, perhaps Devon and Cornwall could be one on their own, equating roughly to the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Dumnonia.

I think the flag is a no-brainer – a combination of the two county flags, but I’ve done a coat of arms too. It combines elements of both county arms, along with, in the crest, a tin mine (once an important industry in both counties), the county flowers (primrose for Devon, Cornish heath for Cornwall) and a coronet representing the semi-autonomous nature of the old Stannary Parliaments in both counties, and the Duchy of Cornwall (which occupies more land in Devon than in Cornwall!)


The flag of Cornwall and arms of Cornwall County Council:


The flag of Devon and arms of Devon County Council:


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English regions : South West (Wessex-Kernow?)

In the wake of the Scottish referendum, there’s discussion about a possible federal UK, involving English regions as “states” rather than England as a single entity. Based on the current official statistical regions, here’s an idea for the flag and arms of the South West region. It’s the flag of Wessex, but recognizing the distinctiveness of Cornwall by including the bezants on black from the Cornish coat of arms. I dislike the idea of calling it simply “South West England”, so how about “Wessex-Kernow” (“Kernow” is the Cornish for Cornwall)?

wessex-kernow and flying

And here’s a coat of arms (I haven’t thought about the full achievement yet):


[Update]: I have now put together an idea for a full achievments of arms:


The shield is the Wessex wyvern surrounded by a Cornish border. 

I’ve used a peer’s helm (silver with gold bars), on the grounds that regional states deserve a status higher than that of mere local authorities (the City of London also uses a peer’s helm in its arms). The semi-autonomous status is also indicated by the crown in the crest.

The remainder of the crest consists of the Wessex wyvern again, with a collar of Cornwall, but also holding a horseshore from the arms of Gloucestershire. Gloucestershire was ruled by the West Saxons very early on, but for most of the Anglo-Saxon period it was in Mercia, so I thought perhaps it needed a little recognition of its own.

The supporters are a crowned lion and a dragon. One or more red lions appear in the arms of Devon, Dorset and Gloucestershire (in the crest), and there was in the arms of Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, second son of King John. A red dragon appears in the arms of Somerset and Wiltshire, and gold dragons in the arms of Dorset (as supporters).

The six county flowers appear in the compartment, along with waves to represent the rich maritime heritage of this long-coastlined region.

I haven’t attempted to come up with a motto!

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