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Is that the end of the UK "flag question"?

So Scotland has chosen to stay in the union. The UK can leave the prospect of break-up behind and move on. As part of their campaign, the unionist side made promises which will have remifications outside Scotland and perhaps re-define the UK as a more federal union of four constitutionally equal nations.

Perhaps as a small part of that redefintion a couple of symbolic inconsistencies should be put right. The main one, of course, is the exclusion of Wales from the national flag and arms, but perhaps this would also be a good time to make a gesture to Scotland by altering the blue of the Union flag to a lighter shade, in keeping with the Scottish flag itself. This could give us a new, brighter, flag to take us into our more devolved and, hopefully, more democratic future:


As for the coat of arms, as I’ve posted before, it should look like this (unless we change the arms for Nothern Ireland too – see the previous post):-


Addendum: When I posted this flag elsewhere, someone suggested that the white and red saltires should be un-counter-changed, leaving a simple narrower red saltire on a wider white one. This would get over the problem of people unknowingly or accidentally flying the flag upside down. I wasn’t too sure at first, but I have warmed to the idea and think it probably looks better; so here it is:


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Composing a Union Flag

A number of contributions to the BBC website’s recent feature on a Scotland-less union flag have proposed changes which involve removing the blue but leaving the saltires unaltered, like this:

A green union flag

I’m not sure whether they are unaware that there’s more to removing the Scottish saltire than changing the background, but in order to clarify, I thought I’d show the stages in the construction of a British union flag:

First, on a blue field, place two saltires, a white one, for Scotland, immediately above a red one, for (Northern) Ireland:
Two saltires

Then, vertically flip the right-hand side, so that the right half of the red saltire is above the white one (they are “counter-changed” compared to the left-hand side). This gives Scotland precedence on one half, and Ireland precedence on the other:

Two saltires counter-changed

Then add a border (“fimbriation”, in heraldry-speak) round the whole thing. It should be white, but I’ll use grey for the moment to distinguish between the border and the Scottish saltire:

Counter-changed saltires with border

Then add the St.George’s cross of England, also with a border:

Union flag, borders in grey

And there you have it:

Union flag

So … if you want to remove Scotland, you have to remove the Scottish white saltire, leaving just the Irish one with a border (I’ve doubled its thickness):

Irish saltire

Then change the background and re-add St.George, to produce this:

UK green without Scotland

not this:
A green union flag

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